Mechanical & Construction materials segment supplies Water heaters, Pumps, air separators, Copper pipes, Fittings, & accessories (Plumbing and Medical), Seamless & ERW pipes, PPR & drainage pipes, Fittings, & accessories, Roof & pipes supports, access panels, hatches, ladders, Permanent & Temporary Suspended Access, Building Maintenance Units and many other construction materials.

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Cable Containment Systems and Underfloor Systems
Light Fixtures - All Types

Light Fixtures (All Types)

Fitzgerald Lighting has been at the forefront of lighting since the 1970’s, when the factory first started producing light fittings. As such Luminaires are still designed and made at the original factory in Cornwall, UK.

Fitzgerald offer a comprehensive range of professional, commercial and industrial luminaires incorporating the latest lamp and LED technologies as Fitzgerald offer both fluorescent and LED light fittings.

Product application is typically commercial, industrial, offices, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, sports facilities and premium domestic installations.

Fitzgerald consistently invests in the most modern tooling and manufacturing techniques. This together with the focus on quality assurance (ISO 9001:2008 certified) and lean manufacturing systems have assured their continued reputation in the market for quality, reliability, and ease of installation.

All products are manufactured in the UK to the requirements of BS EN60-598 and are CE-marked.

Fitzgerald has for many years and continues to export light fittings into the Middle East. Fitzgerald has significant markets in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE and Qatar.

LED Lighting Fixtures for Industrial & Hazardous Area
Cable Management System
Circuit Breakers
Cable Cleats, Clamps
HV Disconnectors and Switches
Fuses, Fuse Links, etc.

Fuses, Fuse Links, etc.

Lawson Fuses Ltd was founded in 1938 and specialises in the design, development and manufacture of low voltage HRC fuse-links and fuse-holders.

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